How You Can Help!

One way, is by donating your used it clothing and shoes. Our clients also need blankets, sleeping bags, and backpacks as well as new socks and under garments.

You can also donate fresh produce from your home garden. Our clients are always grateful for locally grown fruits and vegetables. You may consider donating fresh milk or other dairy products which we will quickly give out. And for our homeless clients, we need meal cans such as chili, soup, and pastas.

And finally, the strength of our volunteer staff keeps running costs low, but we still need your financial support to sustain and expand our vital outreach to the San Jose community.

Volunteer Staff
Art Bye, Jr.
Deanna Bye
Dee Dee Cardenas
Paulette Guhe
Jolene Lema
Roberta Marcus
Sara Melo
Wynne Sontag
Beatriz Scott
Georgette Soto
Arcele Thompson
Shirley Wachtel
Lu Drehs
Jeanette Beach